Currently providing only Physics sessions for 8th-12th std students, tailor-made for individual learners.


Personalized Tuitions

At UrCurriculum, we have taken traditional tuitions to a different level where we teach you according to your personal needs and requirements, allowing you more time for self-study. From now, you are in control of how you learn.

We Understand You

UrCurriculum is a student-run initiative where each of our exceptional team members has just been through that phase in life where you find yourself today. Therefore we believe that our team can understand you well.

WHY UrCurriculum ?

Innovative Learning

Our tutors use online resources and modern methods to help you grasp concepts better. Using online-learning to our advantage, we give you a learning experience that you would not like to miss.

Get Mentors for Life

At UrCurriculum, we believe in community building and constantly work towards achieving that goal. Your tutors are not just here to teach you but to guide and mentor you for times to come. Trust us, your mentors are just a click away.

A Network of School Students


The Student Discussion Forum is tailor-made to connect young school students from across the country. Here, you can discuss ideas and share opinions with your peers and help each other in solving doubts. 

Our Programmes


Customized Online Tutorials

Customized lectures and live sessions that suit your needs and requirements, for a wide variety of subjects. 

Beyond The Textbook Series

An interactive and engaging series of webinars and workshops that provide enlightening insights beyond traditional textbook content.

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Peer Mentorship Programme

Our experienced team will guide you in building your own way to success in all aspects of your academic ventures.

Be a part of the first forum tailor-made for school students around the country

Bring in your trifling doubts, numerical problems etc., and get them solved by our experts and also by your peers!

Our Impact and Influence

The session was really productive and insightful. The mentors are really supportive and leave no stone unturned to make the sessions interactive and helpful. It helped me get a clear head as to what are the various fields I can explore related to the career choices and how to pursue those fields.

- Shreyanshi

40+   live Customized Online Tutorial sessions held

Engaged with 60+ people directly through 1-on-1 sessions and webinars

The 'Beyond the Textbook' series is indeed a very unconventional and interesting initiative by UrCurriculum. Looking forward to attend more such enlightening sessions under this series.

- Ishani

the session was really very useful. The slides used by the speaker were extremely informative. The speaker clearly laid out the possibilities that lay ahead in the field of humanities and explained in detail about what the humanities stream was about.

- Kritika

Kick started the 'Beyond the Textbook' series.