Frequently Asked Questions

1. For whom are the various Ur-Curriculum programmes designed?

Our programmes have been designed keeping the following groups of students in mind:

  • Customized Online Tutorials: For students of class 6 to 10.

  • 1-on-1 Doubt Sessions: For students of class 6 to 10.

  • Students Guidance Programme: For students of class 9 to 12.

  • Students Discussion Forum: All school students

  • Publications: Students from 9 to 12 can submit their creative pieces for publication (terms and conditions applied).

Further, the Teachers' Tech-Training Programme is accessible to all teachers.

2. How long is every online session?

  • Customized Online Tutorials: 1 hr each.

  • Students Guidance Programme: 45 minutes each.

  • Teachers' Tech-Training Programme: 1 hr each

Please note that the timings are flexible with a general buffer time of 15 minutes. Our tutors will try to cover maximum content in the least time possible without compromising on the quality.