What should you learn in school?

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

The point of education is - or at least should be - to make the whole world comprehensible for the learner and to prepare the young for adulthood. Education is not just limited to what one learns in school, it is everything a child learns from its parents, peers and everything thing in the surrounding. Many people have shown that going to school or college is not compulsory to succeed in life, there are other ways as well if one can find them. But formal education helps in providing a structured and holistic education which focuses on slowly building certain skills in an individual. Character development is the main purpose that educations is supposed to achieve through academics and sports.

In developing countries like India, schools fail to achieve their objective of providing holistic education due to lack of resources and infrastructure. Parents view education as means of securing a good job and hence securing their child’s future. This narrow outlook limits education and school to just rat-race, and the sole purpose that remains is just scoring good marks and grades. Students often feel trapped in such environment that exists in their school and are not able enjoy learning. This kind of an education system does not help students in finding their likes and interests and hence does not prepare them for the real world. Thus, it is important that they can learn get valuable experiences as a part of their education. This will help them in understanding themselves and prepare them for real world after school.


Sujay Dhanagare,


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