At Ur-Curriculum, we recognize the importance of online mode of education in the post-COVID world. Bearing in mind the difficulties faced by teachers and instructors around the country in adapting to this new mode of teaching, we have prepared fun tutorials to make them comfortable with using the computer and the internet. The tutorials are custom-made to suit the needs of individual learners in order to maximize the learning experience.


In our tutorials, we focus primarily on training our teachers and instructors on using contemporary teaching technology which includes the efficient use of online classrooms, online assignment submission forums and online teaching tools that enhance the learning experience of young students. We also discuss our ideas regarding how to connect with students in a more engaging manner using resources available online and the emerging means of assessing students. Most importantly, we value the need for flexibility in our course material and the importance of the subjective treatment of our valued learners. Bearing this in mind, we shall customize the course according to your requirements, only for you.


If you or your acquaintances are interested in our Teacher’s Tech-Training Programme, sign up to register interest and we shall reach out to you at the earliest. If you would like to contact us before registering, click here.